Jamleck Gichobi

Jamleck Gichobi

Jamleck is 63 years old and is a reverend and farmer, living on his farm with his wife and son. This season they are growing sukuma, cabbage, carrots, chilis, and bananas. They also have a dairy cow and chickens on the farm. 

Jamleck purchased the SunCulture ClimateSmart Battery plus RainMaker2S with TV add-on in October 2019. He reports that the availability of water at his farm was the biggest constraint previously and after installation of SunCulture’s pump he reaps multiple benefits including:

  • The water pump from the well provides clean water for animal consumption which has significantly reduced infections in his dairy cow and increased his milk production from an average of 15 liters to 24 liters per day.
  • As a result of his oxens no longer need to physically carry water, they’ve now fatted. This was also a tedious process that required a lot of Jamleck’s time which he can now dedicate to other activities. 
  • Solar lights have saved him the cost of purchasing a paraffin lamp and his son is able to study at night under comfortable light levels.
  • Jamleck has also diversified his crop farming due to increased water access


“The benefits I have gained from this system are what I want extended to someone else, because people struggle because of water. Those of us who have SunCulture have been pleasantly surprised. So everyone who has a borehole, instead of struggling with petrol pumps, just try SunCulture.” 

“My cows weren’t getting enough water; milk production is affected by water intake… but when we got the water connected, they were getting enough water and milk production increased.”