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4 Reasons to Install Solar Plus Storage System

Going Solar is a smart choice – but did you know that installing a Solar power system that includes battery storage can be even more powerful?

Solar plus storage systems are fast becoming an option that many people are looking at as a viable means of generating alternative power. It is essential to acquaint yourself with how they work and how you can make the most of them for deciding whether they are the right choice for you.

How does Solar storage operate?

Before understanding the working of a Solar and storage combination, let us quickly view how a standard Solar panel system works.

By installing a Solar panel system, you establish a net-metered connection with the prevalent electricity supply grid. When the Solar panels on your premises generate more electricity than required, the excess goes into the grid. Conversely, when your panels cannot produce enough electricity, the system directly draws power from the grid. It implies that a standard Solar panel system does not require battery storage to function effectively.

However, when you install a battery along with the Solar panels, the excess production of electricity is not exported to the grid.

A Solar battery is a device that stores surplus energy from your Solar panels and channels it back to the equipment when required. It ensures that you can use the energy produced during cloudy weather, at night or when the grid goes down.

Therefore, a Solar and storage system maximizes your investment by keeping your home independent of the grid while allowing it to connect for an energy boost when necessary.

Benefits of installing Solar battery storage

A storage unit to capture excess Solar power is beneficial for many reasons. Let us explore some of the prime benefits of Solar battery storage.

1. Long-term power backup

Batteries are an essential energy storage component of a Solar microgrid. They backup your Solar energy system and store excess Solar energy to ensure your irrigation is uninterrupted and maintain reliable access to electricity, even if the grid goes down.

Even if you live in a sunny region, you still have to deal with power outages caused by storms or other grid failures. Having a Solar-plus-storage system will ensure that you are prepared for the worst weather scenarios to protect your home from a blackout and keep the water pumps or other farm-related equipment running.

2. Low power bills

The Solar battery is a convenient and money-saving alternative to relying on the local utility companies and their ever-increasing charges.

Solar batteries help reduce reliance on the grid, saving you the cost of high monthly electricity bills. Besides, going off-grid reduces your energy requirements, eliminating the need for expensive fuels to operate energy-inefficient generators.

3. Environment-friendly

Most of the grids generate electricity through coal plants and other fossil fuels, contributing to air pollution and global warming.

However, a Solar battery is a pollution-free and cost-effective means of harnessing renewable Solar energy. It can charge more quickly than other batteries—preventing the release of greenhouse gases in the process, which helps fight global climate change.

4. Noise-free solution

The smallholder farmers often resort to diesel-powered generators to make up for the unstable power supply. These machines are extremely noisy and give off harmful gases into the air. 

Generator noises cause disturbances that interfere with the peace of your surroundings. Solar storage is a noise-free solution to replace roaring generators while ensuring reliable backup power for all your farming needs.

Benefits of installing Solar battery storage

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