How is SunCulture Overcoming Water-shortage for Farmers?

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How is SunCulture Overcoming Water-shortage for Farmers?

Water scarcity has become a significant problem across the globe. Moreover, we lose billions of gallons of water due to various reasons every year.

Considering the Kenyan agriculture sector, smallholder farmers are in a state of despair due to an insufficient amount of water for irrigating their crops. Besides, even if they have access to sufficient water supply, they often have inadequate water management systems to conserve precious rainwater and runoff efficiently, which affects crop yield. The Kenyan farmers face water scarcity challenges and await the resolution of water supply issues.

But what is the solution?

SunCulture took it on our shoulders and made it our mission to develop innovative and cost-effective Solar products that make efficient use of the natural resource—solar energy to overcome the problem of water shortage for crop irrigation. Our Solar solutions have revolutionized the use and implementation of conventional irrigation systems, resulting in up to 5X more yield and up to 10X more income.

Let’s see how SunCulture is overcoming the water crunch in Kenya with its Solar-powered irrigation solutions.

SunCulture Solar-powered Solutions

Solution #1

SunCulture’s Solar pumps provide sustainable solutions to smallholder farmers to enhance their farming capability and efficiency. Farmers no longer have to fetch water for irrigation manually. As our pumps convert solar energy into electricity, they use no petrol or diesel, resulting in overall cost savings and improved productivity. Specifically, you can save between 20-50% of your fuel costs using our Solar water pumps.

Solution #2

Another SunCulture Solar solution is ClimateSmartTM Battery. It is a no-maintenance battery with a lifespan of 5 years and 20+ hours of operation, the highest among its competitors. ClimateSmartTM Battery has a 444Wh lithium battery pack, built-in MPPT Solar charger, 4x12V ports for TV and LED bulbs, 2x5V USB ports for mobile charging, and 1x high-current 24V output!

Solution #3

Also, installing our Drip Irrigation System at a farm can increase crop yields by almost 300% and decrease water usage by about 90%, eliminating the growth of weeds and pests caused by clogged water on the farming surface.

Solution #4

Moreover, we have developed Solar-powered kits—RainMaker Combos, that help smallholder farmers in their daily farming activities. The combined use of these products can effectively increase your crop yield manifold, needing no external power supply to operate. One of our combos, ClimateSmartTM + RainMaker + TV, is the best-seller among smallholder farmers, followed by ClimateSmartTM + RainMaker.

Go Solar with SunCulture

Are you looking for a solution to overcome water shortage issues? If yes, then order your Solar irrigation solution today. 

Visit our sales and service centre near you, and we will take you through our systems suitable for your farm. If you have any queries, feel free to ask at our toll-free number 080 0721042. Our team will consult you with a friendly and educational approach.