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Maximizing Water Resources

Kenya, like many other African countries, is heavily reliant on agriculture for economic growth and food security. However, unpredictable weather patterns and climate change have made it increasingly challenging for farmers to maintain consistent crop yields. The latest reports indicate that most parts of Kenya are expected to receive depressed rainfall, which is a worrying […]
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The Future of Agriculture in Africa

The agriculture sector in Africa is undergoing a major transformation with the integration of technology and innovation. As a solar irrigation company, SunCulture is at the forefront of this revolution, working to support smallholder farmers to maximize their yields and improve their livelihoods. Smallholder farmers in Africa face numerous challenges, including unpredictable weather patterns, limited […]
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How SunCulture is Building Climate Resilience in Africa

As we kick off the new year, we at SunCulture would like to take a moment to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for smallholder farmers in Africa. One of the biggest challenges facing these farmers is climate change. The effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures, unpredictable rainfall, and increased […]
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Scaling up an IT team through DevOps – Winnie Kiragu

Winnie Kiragu is SunCulture’s first DevOps engineer. A role that sees her build out tools and processes to scale up the software team. Not an easy task in a company to that ever changing and growing Having 5 years of experience prior to SunCulture, Winnie plays a pivotal role in our team moving to a […]
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Building a full app as my first job – Sarah Sindet

Sarah Sindet is currently serving as a junior front end developer in the software team, her first immersion in the world of IT. In a short amount of time she delivered the first version of the my.sunculture.io platform. A growing platform that empowers our customers to take control over their data and engage with our […]
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Brendah Wangari – 5 years in and still enjoying every day

Brendah Wangari joined SunCulture in 2017 as an Agronomy intern, now she oversees the day-to-day activities of the PAYG team in her current position as the PAYG Assistant Manager. Before this position, she was a Relationship Manager handling collections and client relationships in her assigned portfolio. Her agronomy experience provides her with a unique understanding […]
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From Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah – Max Garnick

Raised near the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s hardly unexpected that Max Garnick would end up working for a tech company. The fact that he ended up working for an agriculture technology (AgTech) company in East Africa, though, was a bit unexpected. Max Garnick joined SunCulture as a Product Manager in 2018, after completing a […]
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My first month at SunCulture – Irene Auma

Irene Auma joined SunCulture in March 2022 as the Senior Marketing Executive. A role with great impact as SunCulture scales its market leading presence in Kenya and embarks on new markets. Besides her intoxicating energy, Irene brings with her 9 years of solid marketing experience across various sectors – Media, research, FMCG & Social impact […]
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Making the shift to social – Jon Saunders

Jon Saunders is SunCulture’s Chief Operations Officer, a role that sees him pushing the limits of our operations globally and across all functions.  Jon’s story didn’t start here, but at JP Morgan Chase, New York in a “fancy, steel and glass machine” as he likes to call it. Moving into an industry that is at […]
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SunCulture Annual Letter 2021 🌱

Dear SunCulture Supporters, In last year’s annual letter, I advocated for a more focused approach to how capital gets allocated and what it needs to be allocated to in order to scale climate resilience technology, and specifically, solar irrigation. My sense of urgency on this has continued to increase, and for good reason: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes […]
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