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4 Solar Power Myths You Need To Forget

Many people have false beliefs about solar power, and some people do not have enough information to make an informed choice about it. The best way to think about solar power is to think of the big picture, and not worry about the small aspect of myths and assumptions. However, for better clarification, let us […]
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Does Our Planet Deserve Better?

Yes, It Does! Earth is broken and seriously polluted, and we are still pissing away energy reserves as if it is going out of style. At this point, Earth has given us the gift of life many times over, and it should be our obligation to protect that gift. That starts with taking responsibility for […]
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5 Reasons to Use Solar Products for Farming

It is a very significant job to feed humanity. Farmers work day and night to make it possible. Besides, farming is hard work and can be monotonous. Multiple tools which the farmers use are surprisingly low-tech or are high fuel-consumers. The best alternative is to utilise solar energy for improving daily farming practices.  The sun […]
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Impact Survey: SunCulture Improved Life Of 150 Customers

The impact is one of the cornerstones of innovation. For SunCulture, it is the secret sauce. The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more true. SunCulture believes that relationships with the clients build over time, and one must nurture them to last. So, SunCulture makes customer impact a […]
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Improved Crop Yields at Natoot Farm in Turkana County

With the help of Full Gospel Churches of Kenya and funds from Bright Hope International, SunCulture installed a drip irrigation system in a farm in Turkana County. The project is set up in a 3.8 Acre community-owned Natoot Farm which is located on the outskirts of Lodwar Town. Lodwar is the largest town in north-west […]
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Empowering Lives of Smallholder Farmers in Mandera

Mandera is a province of Northeastern Kenya, located on the border of Somalia and Ethiopia. The smallholder farmers of Mandera live on and farm the vast expanse of arable land within the County of Mandera. But, agro-pastoral communities of Mandera have been marginalized. Yet, they manage a considerable percentage of the country’s livestock and rely […]
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Drip Irrigation Systems

How Can Solar Water Pumps Revolutionize Agriculture?

Globally, agriculture continues to be a prominent part of the economy. While many processes in agriculture have been mechanized, there are still some that remain dependent on manual labor, making them tedious and time-consuming. One such process is water pumping, which still relies on intensive labor for ensuring that irrigation can take place in fields. […]
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Solar Power Irrigation System

Secret To 5X Yield Growth With SunCulture

We believe the secret to achieving 5X growth is found in a simple equation: Innovation + Execution = Success. The world is right on its way to a global crisis. It is the need of the hour to protect our planet from deteriorating further. Thus, there is a global demand for innovative solutions to be […]
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