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Solar Power Irrigation System

Secret To 5X Yield Growth With SunCulture

We believe the secret to achieving 5X growth is found in a simple equation: Innovation + Execution = Success.

The world is right on its way to a global crisis. It is the need of the hour to protect our planet from deteriorating further. Thus, there is a global demand for innovative solutions to be executed in various sectors.  

We take pride to state that SunCulture has been working diligently on implementing solar-powered solutions in the agriculture sector. We have innovatively implemented several successful strategies to achieve five times the yields of conventional farming operations. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a world where people take control of their environment in rewarding, sustainable ways. We do this by developing and commercializing life-changing technology that solves the daily challenges for the world’s 570m smallholder farming households. As a result, we started SunCulture, and over time, we have developed unique ways to harness the nearly limitless energy that is available from our sun which has now turned into one of the fastest-growing solar companies.

Reason for Growth in Crop Yield 

Water is one of the main problems farmers face. All across the world, they are looking for more yield and better profit per acre. Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase crop yield, save on water costs, and have your vegetables and fruits healthier than ever before. And that is where SunCulture comes into the picture. 

SunCulture irrigation systems are a modern application of ancient methods of drip irrigation. Water from ponds or rivers is pumped up using combined solar power. A farm will raise its crop, vegetables or fruit yield and will require almost no manual work to fetch water while producing an income. Whatever your market vertical or crops you are growing to harvest, solar energy is the new technology on the horizon that is about to revolutionize how you think about working in your fields. Besides, it is so simple and efficient that it makes your current methods look archaic. Irrigation does not have to happen in deserts located far away. It is possible to implement it right in your backyard by using some simple products from SunCulture.

Solar water pumping and irrigation will prepare your farm for the future. If you have a few acres of land which is going unused, you can use solar pumping in water wells and improve your farming profits. Your crops will have more water during the day than they ever have before, no pumping costs, and each plant will grow 20% to 50% faster.

Our solar-powered RainMaker2 irrigation system is the most efficient and affordable solution in the market. It helps smallholder farmers with a water-pumping system for cultivation. The RainMaker2 can fetch around 6,000 liters of water and can irrigate approximately 1 acre of land depending on the depth of the water source. 

SunCulture – Solution to Farming Needs

The secret to double, triple, or even 5X crop yield and profit starts with SunCulture solar products. With the right SunCulture irrigation systems, you will have a higher crop yield than you had before. For instance, our drip irrigation system installation at a farm can increase crop yields by almost 300% and decrease water usage by about 90%. Moreover, eliminating the growth of weeds and the survival of pests caused by clogged water on the farming surface.

So, do you want to multiply crop yield and profits by 5x? If yes, then you should grab our solar solutions that will enhance your crop production.

If you are interested you can call our number +254 700 327 002 or you can come to visit our office and we will take you through our systems. And, in case you have any queries, we will be able to answer.