The SunCulture Impact: Improving Lives of smallholder farming households with life-changing technology

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The SunCulture Impact: Improving Lives of smallholder farming households with life-changing technology

In his TEDx talk, Samir Ibrahim, CEO and co-founder of SunCulture explained that there are 1.4 billion people in the world who live in rural areas and rely on agriculture and related activities for their livelihood. He added that it is an important group of people to think about in terms of addressing the world’s largest problems. They’re the hungriest, the poorest, and a most nutrient-deficient group of people in the entire world. Ironically, their livelihood depends on the food to escape from poverty and hunger. 

The agriculture industry employs 65% of the African population, so enhancing the agriculture sector is crucial for improving the lives of smallholder farmers as well as end consumers. Agriculture still remains the backbone of most African countries making it the most important activity.

In this century, things are not the same again, you can’t totally predict when it shall rain as you would probably have done 200 years ago. Deforestation, global warming, etc. have changed the weather patterns making it hard for farmers to keep up with their farming. Most farmers use the “plant and pray” technique where they plant during the rainy season and remain hopeful that it shall rain till the end of their crop life. However, this is not always the case. Rains sometimes stop causing massive losses and subsequently droughts across different African regions. At SunCulture, we strive to build a world where people can take control of their environment in rewarding and sustainable ways. With access to water for irrigation, the farmers are able to do their farming in confidence enabling them to make profits and empower their families.  

Although 5.4 million hectares of land in Kenya are arable, over 80% of this land is unfit for farming that relies only on rainfall. And while 25% of the world’s cultivated land is in sub-Saharan Africa,  the region produces only 10% of world crop yields. Given that 60% of global uncultivated land is in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a huge potential to change this story; Africa’s arable land requires irrigation systems.

Most other regions of the world have successfully employed irrigation to increase production. Taking Asia as an example, 33% of arable land is under irrigation, compared to only 6% in Africa.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why use Solar Energy powered products for farming?

Solar power is an essential renewable energy source, which can be utilized for multiple purposes. It is what teachers taught us in our junior classes. And Given the need for alternative, clean energy sources, it is high time now to implement the use of solar power to help combat climate change. 

There are many benefits of transitioning to solar energy for agriculture. These include:

  • Sunlight is a clean, green, and free power generating resource of energy.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption and electricity bills since solar energy is economical and efficient.
  • Extended farming season because solar energy has the potential to reduce water usage.
  • The chief source of solar power, the sunlight, can reach remote areas that lack electricity grids.
  • The possibility to store solar energy for future use makes it a reliable renewable source of energy.
  • Solar power can be utilized for domestic needs when not being used for farming.
  • Solar products reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus are an effective way to counter global warming.

SunCulture’s solar products not only support farmers but are also a step towards a cleaner environment.

SunCulture solar products and their benefits

Many smallholder farmers use expensive, labor-intensive technologies such as fuel, treddle, or electric pumps, which have high fuel demand and cost. An inexpensive alternative for farmers for irrigation would be a boon in Africa.

We have a range of products for routine farming activities. 

Our RainMaker2 is the most effective and intelligent solar-powered irrigation solution in the market and renders maximum performance and affordability. It supports farmers who want a practical water-pumping solution for farming.

We offer customized irrigation systems, for farmers that help them cultivate higher yields while spending less, meaning higher incomes.

In addition to the ClimateSmart + RainMaker2 system, farmers can install drip irrigation at their farm. Drip irrigation is an economical way of watering crops by distributing water directly to the roots. Yields can increase by up to 300% and water usage can decrease by up to 90%. Besides, pests and weeds reduce with no water on the surface.

The ClimateSmart + RainMaker2 system can support four high brightness LED bulbs and mobile phone charging; this is a single solution that can power both the farm and the home at the same time. Should our customers choose to add entertainment to their system with a TV, they’ll enjoy  20+ hours or runtime using stored energy. For those not ready for a solar irrigation system, customers can purchase just the ClimateSmart Battery with a TV.

Do you want to increase the crop yields of your farm and save precious time you spend daily on farming activities? If yes, we have a solution for you! Approach us at +254 700 327 002. We will provide you with free installation, training, and after-sales support for the SunCulture solar products we deliver.