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Impact Survey: SunCulture Improved Life Of 150 Customers

The impact is one of the cornerstones of innovation. For SunCulture, it is the secret sauce.

The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more true. SunCulture believes that relationships with the clients build over time, and one must nurture them to last. So, SunCulture makes customer impact a priority.

While creating an impactful relationship with our customers, we have improved their lives in several ways.

SunCulture is committed to develop innovative products that meet diverse needs at affordable prices. And, allow our customers to harvest solar energy without compromising quality or efficiency.

Insights from customer survey

In March 2020, 60 Decibels conducted an impact survey on 150 SunCulture customers. They analyzed the status of our customers’ lives, which helped us conclude how our business impacted them and how to improve further. The survey shows that SunCulture has made an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of its clients.

The surveyed customers had engaged with SunCulture for an average of 8 months and cultivated 1.9 acres of land. Customers were the smallholder farmers who grew kale, tomato, and cabbage.

Below are some of the findings of the survey.

The traditional farming methods

Our customers followed conventional farming methods before using SunCulture solar products. The survey revealed 60% of customers used manual irrigation methods, and around 30% used diesel pumps, before aligning with SunCulture. They had limited access to water sources initially. It motivated them to buy SunCulture pump and gain access to more reliable and affordable sources of water.

Impact on money earned

76% of customers report improvements in the money they earn from farming because of using the SunCulture system. Increase in yields was the prime driver behind the improvement in revenue. Other reasons responsible for money growth include cost reduction, increase in land farmed and the ability to grow more cash crops.

The increased income helped them fulfil their wants. Customers claim that the extra income allowed them to buy chicken, sheep and goats to place food on the table.

Impact on quality of life

93% of customers reported improvements in their quality of life because of the SunCulture pump system. The top outcomes that customers experienced were gaining access to an adequate and constant water supply, lighting system, television and reduced health issues. SunCulture products helped our customers to improve the quality of their personal lives as well. They had access to nutritious food and clean water.

SunCulture’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is a standard measure of satisfaction and loyalty with a brand. A metric of anything above 50 is considered excellent, and SunCulture has an NPS of 65, which is brilliant!

One of our customers says, “I can farm without having to think about the source of water now, also I get free supply of lights for my home, and I am able to watch TV.”

Not all smallholder farmers in Africa have access to reliable power. Most use non-renewable sources of energy for lighting and have no access to telephones and cell phones.

Another customer says, “I feel like it has helped me reduce the hustle of having to pump water using my legs because it has started causing me fatigue problems.”

SunCulture develops and commercializes life-changing solar technology to solve the daily challenges of smallholder farmers.

A customer says, “I do not have to worry about not getting access to water. My home has a lot more water which is great to use at all times.”

If you want to change your life in a very positive way, call +254 700 327 002 to get guidance on using solar-powered products for improving the work and personal life status in South Africa.