5 Reasons to Use Solar Products for Farming

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5 Reasons to Use Solar Products for Farming

It is a very significant job to feed humanity. Farmers work day and night to make it possible. Besides, farming is hard work and can be monotonous. Multiple tools which the farmers use are surprisingly low-tech or are high fuel-consumers.

The best alternative is to utilise solar energy for improving daily farming practices. 

The sun is a marvellous thing. It gives us light and warmth, allowing life to flourish on our little planet. As such, it is a beneficial energy source for humans to harness, particularly given the state of our environment at present. Therefore, farmers should consider using solar products for agriculture and take advantage of this exceptional resource! 

Did you know that solar products are not only perfect for huge farmlands but small farming businesses as well? If not, we will explain you ways how smallholder farmers can benefit from solar energy!

Reasons to use Solar Products for farming

  1. A solution to dry regions

As water scarcity and intense droughts have become a severe problem in many regions over the past years, more and more farmers are turning towards solar solutions to fulfil their energy requirements.

Many smallholder farmers have found a safe spot through the use of solar-powered tools. Solar equipment is preferred to overcome droughts because it requires minimum water delivery to crops. The solar products are advantageous to use for agriculture in arid regions like South Africa.

2. Easy on the environment

As the global population continues to rise, and climate change becomes an increasing problem, the need for suitable agricultural solutions is more pressing than ever. For farmers, this is a worrying trend. 

Climate change means less rainfall and unpredictable weather patterns in most areas of the world. Solar energy reduces the carbon footprint neglected by farmers. That is why it has become crucial to invest in sustainable and renewable energy such as solar energy. 

3. Economical energy source

The best thing about solar energy is that it is an economical source of energy. It is no doubt that solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity generation in the world and will save you a lot of money on your electric bills.

Most conventional farming techniques require non-renewable energy sources like diesel, petrol and fossil fuels, which are very costly. Comparatively, with solar energy, you can dodge high-priced services while sustaining your land. Also, solar-powered products relieve smallholder farmers from high electricity consumption which can result in electricity bill hike.

4. Can be stored

Most people tend to rule out the idea that solar energy is available every single day of the year, including cloudy days, if stocked. 

Solar energy storage is a vital aspect of using solar energy for agriculture in disaster-prone areas. Fortunately, through the advancements in technology and growing solar energy trends, affordable storage options are becoming more feasible. You have to install a battery bank to store enough juice before the sun goes down.

5. Makes soil better

Soil is a living and breathing thing which is necessary for growing healthier plants. Plants grow well in healthy soil and produce crops which can then be consumed or turned into more useful products. 

Would not it be wonderful if using solar power helped improve the quality of your soil? If your answer is positive, let us tell you solar energy can help you with it. 

The solar panels installed on the farm does not hurt crops, animals or soil. Besides, it works for their benefit. The panels are installed on open grasslands which provide an opportunity for plants to grow and create pasture ground for animals.

Contact SunCulture to get benefits of solar products for your farm!

Many farmers have been looking for ways to reap the benefits of solar energy. The truth is that this energy has a lot to offer. In addition to being renewable and clean, it is affordable, efficient and simple. For commercial farms that rely on extensive quantities of fuel, solar energy is indeed an excellent option. 

At SunCulture, we provide a range of effective solar energy powered products which can help smallholder farmers boost their crop yield up to 5X. If you want to install our products and get trained for using them, call +254 700 327 002 or +254 711 082 066 now!