Does Our Planet Deserve Better?

Does Our Planet Deserve Better?

Yes, It Does!

Earth is broken and seriously polluted, and we are still pissing away energy reserves as if it is going out of style. At this point, Earth has given us the gift of life many times over, and it should be our obligation to protect that gift.

That starts with taking responsibility for our actions as consumers. We need to start demanding sustainable options. If we love the planet, should it not be the least we can do?

Climate change is the reality that is a direct result of our continued consumption of depleting non-renewable energy resources. It is affecting every living being on this planet. Unfortunately, environmental impact is all around us — in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the food we eat.

One of the solutions is to tap solar energy to generate electricity for general purposes.

Go Solar

Solar power is a renewable energy source that is gentle on our planet and provides it with many benefits. At least 25% of all electricity consumed in the world is used for agricultural irrigation and, is powered by non-renewable sources like coal and diesel.

Switching to solar-powered pumps and other farming solutions could help save our planet’s water supply as it will eliminate the need for unsustainable electricity use.

SunCulture aims to help smallholder farmers experience #PowerOfTheSun and introduce them to life-changing sustainable technologies for everyday challenges.

Besides, we must not rule out the fact that the non-renewable sources of energy are limited. Using them rigorously will not only make them obsolete but will also be hazardous to the environment. There are many reasons to prefer solar energy. The main reason is that contrary to fossil fuels, solar and wind energy have a much lower impact on the environment, providing us with more pleasant and environmentally friendly surroundings. Hence, preserving our planet.

It is time we take notice of our planet and realize what an incredible blessing it is. We often forget that. We pollute our lakes with garbage, chop down trees for lumber, and use oil from dead dinosaurs to fuel our cars, yet we still expect Earth to provide for us.

Indeed, our world has a lot to offer, but we must respect it and save it for ourselves and future generations. Each day more of nature is lost, not because of a lack of potential or opportunity, but because we have allowed it.

Let us work together to preserve our mother earth before it is too late. Let us Go Solar.