Building a full app as my first job – Sarah Sindet

Building a full app as my first job – Sarah Sindet

Sarah Sindet is currently serving as a junior front end developer in the software team, her first immersion in the world of IT.

In a short amount of time she delivered the first version of the my.sunculture.io platform. A growing platform that empowers our customers to take control over their data and engage with our IoT enabled physical products. Not easy! Especially as an intern.. Sarah’s story:

When you started you were really thrown into the deep end, you learned, built, and accomplished something amazing. What is your biggest advice to starters?

Hell Yeah!  As I would say “Baptism by fire”, but looking back it was worth it! This was my first immersion into the Tech Industry, straight from boot camp at AkiraChix. I was very excited at the moment, but a little nervous at the same time. I was scared I would not deliver and felt intimidated at first, a lot of imposter syndrome…

I remember, one moment during my orientation very well. Our General Manager Lucy wanted to know how I am finding the company and I suddenly spilled the beans, ”I don’t think I can do some of the tasks”. My heart started throbbing oh no, I am gonna get fired, I just said I don’t know. To my response, she told me “DON’T SAY YOU CAN’T, YOU CAN. That propelled a can-do attitude in me, till now.

A heavy plus to me is the amazing IT team I met at SunCulture. They made my journey incredible! Although they noticed all the tension in me, they never stopped believing in me. Always kept on pushing me and celebrating every little progress I made, as I commenced the massive project presented to me at the table.

I can’t imagine that this has now evolved into a platform that serves about 100 customers daily. I must say I am proud. Now I know that success is measured by the little progress we make every day. I thank God for this far and the many more years of success to come.

My advice to starters is don’t be afraid to TRY, be courageous knowing that everyone was once a beginner. When you fail, don’t dwell on it, but get up and do it again and again and again.

“No one has it all figured out !, But everyone has a chance to try and figure it out”. So go forth for all opportunities out there!

Why is working on a social goal important for you?

Wow !! I just can’t believe the number of smallholder farmers impacted by the solution SunCulture sells.

When you hear from customers and the story they have with SunCulture, I get very excited, because at the end of the day it is all about the impact and the difference we make in the lives of others.

The SunCulture IT team really has some powerful women in the team . Do you have any advise for women in the IT space?

The tech industry is for us to conquer. I really do appreciate the companies that are trying to bridge the gender gap in the Tech Industry.

We can take this as a challenge and rise above and beyond, take these roles, and WIN!!.