John Njuguna

John Njuguna

John Njuguna is a resident of Kandara. A passionate farmer. An achiever with a drive to see his farm grow. His commitment to ensure his small farm gives the most return, sees him taking up communal lessons to improve his farming practices where he got introduced to SunCulture.

Initially, John used a petrol-driven water pump to provide water for his farm but after his interaction with SunCulture, he found a better, more sustainable, and more efficient way to do so- Solar Water Pumps.

Enthusiastically, John contacted SunCulture and wanted to know more about how to deliver water to his farm and home, efficiently, economically, and sustainably.

Having been made aware of the available solar water pumps as well as the payment options, John was over the moon to learn that he would be able to make partial payments while using the pump.

Hastily making the deposit, John began his journey to a sustainable, economical, and green future.

It’s been 1 year since he started his journey with SunCulture and he states, “The pump has helped me a lot, I can irrigate my farm at any time I want with no financial strain.”