Zacharia Wahome

Zacharia Wahome

Meet Zacharia Wahome, an entrepreneur, visionary, smart farmer, and owner of Wambugi Farm. Wambugi Farm is a mixed farm fully fitted with drip irrigation kits seated on 4 acres of land, focused on fruit farming and chicken rearing. 

His farm initially started in 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Zacharia went into survival mode and was determined to ensure his farm thrived.


Armed with nothing but a dream and determination Zacharia set out to work and was convinced the farm would thrive. But after 6 months of operation, after a thorough analysis of his electricity costs, reality set in and he realized that his business model was not sustainable, Zacharia recalls “It was a nightmare because of the electricity costs,” and back to the drawing board he went. Zacharia had a problem and he was eager to find a solution. In came- SunCulture.

Zacharia decided to make the switch to solar. Having had the solar pump for two years, he notes that he has saved a lot of money and is worry-free because through SunCulture solar pumps he has enough water to irrigate his farm which currently has about 350 avocado seedlings with ease. “Everything I put on my table, comes from my farm,” Zacharia says smiling proudly.