4 Solar Power Myths You Need To Forget

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4 Solar Power Myths You Need To Forget

Many people have false beliefs about solar power, and some people do not have enough information to make an informed choice about it.

The best way to think about solar power is to think of the big picture, and not worry about the small aspect of myths and assumptions.

However, for better clarification, let us debunk a few myths about solar power.

Solar power myths debunked

While solar technology is relatively new, there are plenty of myths surrounding its use.

Each myth may seem convincing at the time, but with the right research, you can separate myth from fact to make a better decision about solar power in your life.  

Myth #1

Solar panels work only in the sunlight


Yes, solar panels use daylight energy to produce electricity, but they do not need direct sunlight to continue working.

Solar panels are made from silicon, which facilitates the generation of an electric current when natural daylight shines on it. The panels produce electricity from the photons present in sunlight and not from the sunlight itself. So panels do not need to be installed in direct sunlight to work. 

Also, during the nighttime, when solar panels are inoperative, they can be connected to the electric grid or connected to a battery for a 24×7 sustainable energy solution.

Myth #2

Solar panels require high maintenance


One of the most important aspects of maintenance is making sure the solar panels stay tidy. As far as the cleaning is concerned, the rain naturally washes the solar panels.

However, if there is no rain on the cards soon, you can clean your solar panels by rinsing them with water.

You can even hire a professional if you are not comfortable cleaning the panels yourself or if they are too high up to access.

Myth #3

Solar panels are not that ‘green’


First things first – Solar panels today are nearly 50% more efficient than it was a few years back.

The data from calculating the emissions of solar panels show that their emissions are far less than the emissions by other natural resources like coal and natural gas.

For instance, the burning of coal is responsible for approximately 1000 gCO2/kWh emissions, which counts for 46% of CO2 emissions and 72% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector. Whereas the emission intensity of solar PV is approximately 40 gC02/kWh.

Myth #4

Solar Panels only last for a few years


The lifetime of solar panels is approximately 25-30 years, with a guarantee from the company you are dealing with for its installation. You can install batteries alongside them to make them more efficient and reduce your utility costs.

The potential of Solar Energy

The solar power industry is constantly innovating and inventing new techniques, technologies, and designs to improve the quality of solar panels and reduce the cost. It took years for solar panels to become affordable and will take even more to find an efficient way to generate and supply usable electricity to every establishment.

Solar power offers us sustainable ways to generate energy. We must take up the opportunity and be more energy-efficient to preserve our natural resources and leave a world that is still healthy and habitable for future generations. 

Hope you found the article insightful.

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