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Hello and thank you for your interest. SunCulture deals in RainMaker solar pumps, drip irrigation systems, lights, as well as 32" LED TVs (only in Kenya) powered by ClimateSmart . Kindly visit http://www.sunculture.com/ug/. For more information, you can reach us by calling our toll free number 0800 200 132 or emailing us at uganda@sunculture.com.
Hello, under normal usage, your battery will require service once every 5 years. Thank you.
Is a smart battery that gives you real-time weather based recommendation for Irrigation Via SMS e.g. Dry run protection with SMS alert, Weather based irrigation SMS alert, Battery health optimization using LVD, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
444Wh 29.6V 15Ah Lithium Max output power = 500W
Yes, we do. The RainMaker2C has a maximum flow rate of 3,000 L/H and is designed for water sources no deeper than 30ft. For deep wells, we recommend the RM2S, which is a positive displacement helical screw pump. For more details, call us at our toll free number 0800 721 042 . Thank you!
Yes, the system detects when the Well runs dry and sends an SMS alert
Hello, that's too far. We recommend you dig a well within your compound as the pump shouldn't pump more than 200meters without losing efficiency. Thank you.
Solar energy charges the battery, the battery powers the pump and mobile charging, lights, and TV
Rainmaker is the name for our solar water pump that enables you to pump water from your Well, river or borehole to your Raised tank using Power of the Sun. For more information, kindly call us on our toll free number 0800 721 042 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday or email us at sales@sunculture.com and we shall assist. Thank you!
Some of the benefits include; pumping water just by connecting the pump to the charged Climatesmart battery for domestic and farm purposes, lighting your house, charging your phone by using solar energy. You also cut on operational and maintenance costs. Thank you!
If the fridge runs on 12/24V DC, yes. However, we do not sell or certify fridges at this time. Thank you
A three year warranty on the systems is included with free parts and labour. The lifespan of the equipment is 25 years for the solar panel, 10 years for the pump, 5 years for the battery. The lithium battery cells can be serviced after 5 years at a cost of Kshs. 10,000 only. The pump can be replaced at a cost of Kshs. 17,500 after 10 years. The solar can be replaced at a cost of Kshs. 15,000 after a period of 25 years.
Our pumps works even in murky waters. For RM2 we have designed a tube to lower the sediments that might otherwise block the filtration system.
Thank you for your interest in our solar pumping system! The SP-300 solar pumping system includes solar panels, a security mounting system, control panel, the submersible pump, two sensors in the tank and your water source, and all the cables needed. The entire system starts from KES 159,000 and can water up to 2.5 acres. The pump has a maximum head of 70 meters and can pump up to 12,500 liters per day. 
Hello, our Uganda HQ is Plot 1725 Bukoto off Bukoto Kisaasi Road, Kampala, Uganda

However, we also have a service center at offices in Plot 25, Junior Quarters, Lira, Uganda.

Kindly call us on our toll free number 0800 200 132 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday or email us at uganda@sunculture.com and we shall assist. Thank you!
Hello, we have bigger capacity pumps that can work well with your water source. Kindly send us your contact details and we shall assist.Thank you.
Hello, we have escalated the issue to our aftersales team who will get in touch with you to understand the problem further. You can also send an email to uganda@sunculture.com for us to resolve the issue quickly if it persists. Thank you!
Hello, kindly call us on our toll free number 0800 200 132 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday or email us at uganda@sunculture.com and we shall assist. Thank you!

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