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The Best Battery To Store Solar Energy

Imagine you have a Solar panel on your roof that produces more electricity than you need. Where do you store it? The answer is Solar Battery! Batteries are the muscle of any Solar-powered system. A Solar battery has two basic functions: storing energy and discharging energy. When used to store energy, a battery acts as […]
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4 Key Benefits Of Solar Farming

In the last decade, Solar farming has grown from experimental technology to something nearly everyone can take advantage of. While it is still an unknown entity to many people, one thing is for sure: Solar farming is not going anywhere anytime soon.  If we consider Kenya as the testing ground, most smallholder farmers depend on […]
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Maximize Sustainable Energy Use With Solar Power

We have been using fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal to generate power from time immemorial. These non-renewable resources still have a very high demand in comparison to other renewable resources like Solar, air, and wind. Even though these sources of energy have plenty of cons, they still top the list and play […]
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How is SunCulture Overcoming Water-shortage for Farmers?

Water scarcity has become a significant problem across the globe. Moreover, we lose billions of gallons of water due to various reasons every year. Considering the Kenyan agriculture sector, smallholder farmers are in a state of despair due to an insufficient amount of water for irrigating their crops. Besides, even if they have access to […]
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Do Solar Modules Work On Cloudy Days?

Do you ever wonder if Solar panels can generate energy when the sun is hidden behind clouds? Although it may seem counterintuitive, Solar panels can still produce electricity on overcast days or even through a dense layer of clouds. The Solar panels use photovoltaic cells and function based on a phenomenon known as the photovoltaic […]
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4 Reasons to Install Solar Plus Storage System

Going Solar is a smart choice – but did you know that installing a Solar power system that includes battery storage can be even more powerful? Solar plus storage systems are fast becoming an option that many people are looking at as a viable means of generating alternative power. It is essential to acquaint yourself […]
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Choosing The Best Solar Battery

6 Factors For Choosing The Best Solar Battery

Have you ever wondered how would you power your home or farm when the sun goes down?  With Solar batteries, of course!  A Solar battery collects the energy from the sun during the day, storing it to use when you need it most—making it a consistent, dependable, and sustainable source of energy. Solar energy is […]
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4 Solar Power Myths You Need To Forget

Many people have false beliefs about solar power, and some people do not have enough information to make an informed choice about it. The best way to think about solar power is to think of the big picture, and not worry about the small aspect of myths and assumptions. However, for better clarification, let us […]
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Does Our Planet Deserve Better?

Yes, It Does! Earth is broken and seriously polluted, and we are still pissing away energy reserves as if it is going out of style. At this point, Earth has given us the gift of life many times over, and it should be our obligation to protect that gift. That starts with taking responsibility for […]
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5 Reasons to Use Solar Products for Farming

It is a very significant job to feed humanity. Farmers work day and night to make it possible. Besides, farming is hard work and can be monotonous. Multiple tools which the farmers use are surprisingly low-tech or are high fuel-consumers. The best alternative is to utilise solar energy for improving daily farming practices.  The sun […]
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